About Harold Davis, Jr.

Harold Davis Jr., the community activist and entrepreneur…

continues to be an instrumental leader and warrior by addressing community and controversial issues.

This shining star was born in the heart of the Chicago’s west side in “K town” and his family moved to Altgeld Gardens shortly after his third birthday.

Many childhood experiences set the stage for Harold to cultivate his unique leadership skills.

Included in these experiences was his seasonal career selling Ebony magazine, shining shoes at a neighbors barber shop earning the name of “Underdog”, helping his mom till the weeds in the yard every spring, mastering the trumpet at age 8 and playing at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 8th grade.

Adolescent years…

in the Gardens were full of choices, so in 8th grade Harold challenged the faculty and asked the students to miss a full day of school after learning that he was suspended for a day because of bad behavior. This event marked the beginning of Harold’s first successful protest.

Harold moved from “The Gardens” to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Engineering and he shared his knowledge of history, education and famous leaders with students at campus parties and other student venues.

After graduating from University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana, Harold participated in his first public speaking engagement, successfully capturing the attention of Oak Forest Hospital’s mentally challenged group. His topic was Martin Luther King, Jr.

Harold has changed many lives…

and produced countless career opportunities for youth and adults. His body of work includes, but is not limited too, mentoring young men in the 1990’s at “Joshua Bookstore” who filled the room to capacity while sparking the curiosity of local officers who soon joined the group to gain knowledge on Thursday nights on the West side of Chicago.

Additionally, he led mentorship programs with attorneys and church pastors to foster growth in the community and to raise awareness regarding sex offenders in our communities.

He researches the mystery of unsolved deaths and shares his knowledge openly. In the 1990’s, he formed a successful limousine service, hair salon and in 1999 purchased a farm in Michigan where he currently operates a “root camp” in order to teach children to grow food.

He formed Amer-I-Can Enterprise II…

in 2004 and worked with Chicago Public Schools underserved students to create new auditorium chairs for their schools.

Throughout the work day, Harold found crafty methods to “soul search”, encourage and become a positive liaison between the youth, parents and school.

He tracked the student’s progress throughout the year, after graduation and to current to show that youth can succeed when people believe in them.

Harold is the host of 1570am’s “Butt Naked Truth”…

which can be heard on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. Central Standard time. He can also be seen on cable TV channel 19 and channel 36, along with Boyse Edwards and a vast array of personalities and activists.

In April 2011, he was asked to become a board member of the accredited East West College located in downtown Chicago.

Also, Harold Davis Jr. continues to purchase and to train youth in “ property rehab” and remodeling. In addition, he sells numerous properties to individuals and companies, ranging from rental properties, banquet halls and multi unit buildings.

In upcoming months, a new fully stocked 2500 square foot grocery store will be introduced to the community on E. 79th Street, as well as numerous Amer-I-Can labeled foods, fresh cooked foods and a vast array of fruits and vegetables.

Some of the produce will be grown from the Michigan farm and placed in the new store and other products of Amer-I-Can will be disturbed in other popular franchise stores around the city.